Your choice of packaging supplier has an important impact on the success of your product.
We take our responsibility seriously.

Established in 1984 by Lou Della Pesca, 3C Inc. specializes in the development of packaging for the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Pharmaceutical Industries serving high end through mass markets. 3C Inc. continues to deliver the personalized service, flexibility and unlimited options that enable the company to respond to the ever-changing needs of style and efficiency-conscious companies around the world. 3C Inc.’s outstanding reputation is valued by small to large companies and derives from the following core strengths:

  • A veritable "think tank" of ideas and expertise is at your service. We can act as a valuable extension of your design team or we can spearhead the entire design effort. There is no more efficient way to save time and money than to tap into our "brainpower" and library of samples that inspire creativity, as well as to tap into our experience with manufacturing.
  • THE source for that "custom" look. We have a special talent for developing distinctive, coordinated lines, making the right selections from our wide assortment of:
    • - Compacts, lipsticks and mascaras.
    • - Tubes, bottles, caps, jars, tottles, pumps, pots and brushes.

Whether you desire an eclectic or homogeneous approach, color matching or special inserts, once again the options are unlimited.

  • Molds, molds and more molds. Our huge selection of stock and custom made molds means you can get it all from one reliable source. Did we mention yet that your options are unlimited?
  • A quality, controlled approach, with respect for your budget, time and scheduling needs, pervades every phase at 3C Inc. Smart, experience-based planning, from the get go, saves you time and money later on. Our overseas manufacturing partners’ systems undergo frequent scrutiny to ensure that they produce to our exacting requirements. Plus our state-of-the-art, fully automatic and high speed production, manufacturing and assembly lines enable us to efficiently produce consistently high quality containers.

Would you like to know more? See below but be sure to visit our showroom to grasp the entire scope of our capabilities.

Our range of product options and business benefits goes beyond the ordinary.

INNOVATION: We are proud to note our introduction of soft touch for compacts, to the United States, years ago. Today you’ll appreciate our new generation of Airless Containers, featuring total protection from air contamination and oxidation. They offer a high evacuation capability, extending the shelf life of the product.

Have you also noticed the evolution of our Automatic Click Pens for a wide range of applications in the cosmetics, hair care, pharmaceuticals and even shoe care industries? Only at 3C Inc. can you choose from EIGHT different dispensing heads.

FINISHES: Ask for our assistance in choosing from hot stamping, offset, silk screen, embossing, debossing, anodizing, transfer foil, UV coating…and from standard shiny color or sprayed matte color, or metalizing in shiny or matte finish…to the popular soft touch, now available in any color.

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